What Elon Musk Says About Tesla’s Investment in Bitcoin

CNBC blamed Musk for inflating Bitcoin by posting positive messages about it on his Twitter account.

Don’t forget, his primary source of income is still electric vehicles .

While Musk takes most decisions, his decisions need to be approved by the board of directors, shareholders, and his finance team.

So it updated its investment policy to allow them to invest in certain “alternative reserve assets including digital assets, gold bullion, gold exchange-traded funds” and other assets.

On the one hand, the government reduced interest rates to near-zero amid the pandemic, making bonds and other fixed-income securities unattractive.

By keeping money in bonds, you are actually losing value as inflation is rising faster than your money, resulting in negative real interest.

The keyword is “almost.” What does he mean that bitcoin is “almost” similar to fiat money? Well, Bitcoin doesn’t have any intrinsic value.

In an expansionary monetary environment, where currency losses its value, you want to store something scarce.

Bitcoin is limited in number , making it a scarce asset.

Bitcoin is a debatable investment and is currently deriving its value from speculation.

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Members of the former Delta Hospice Society objected on religious grounds to a requirement to offer medically assisted deaths, prompting legal action, removal of provincial funding and an order for the society to vacate the facility.

The report released by the Black Business and Professional Association looked at how the pandemic has affected Black female entrepreneurs who have been harder hit and less likely to have access to support.

Djokovic struggled to find any kind of rhythm on a windy day at the ATP Masters 1000 event and committed 45 unforced errors during the two sets, more than double of Evans.

, a leading European investment company for blockchain- and crypto-related business models, has successfully completed its cash capital increase by issuing 128,375 new shares and the additional sale of the entire amount of 31,625 treasury shares to institutional investors.

The field hospital has been set up in a parking lot at the site and is one of two in the province designed to help address growing capacity challenges.

Jennifer Lopez and baseball star Alex Rodriguez have called off their engagement – a month after denying reports they had split.

It’s extremely validating to see that our noble purpose of shaping member financial fitness, and our humble beginnings of Albertans coming together to innovate and help each other is seen to set us apart amongst other financial institutions.” The ranking is based on results from surveys completed by Forbes’ partner, Statista, which asked customers for their opinions on their banking relationships.

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