What Is Student Coin and Why It Already Raised Over $28 Million

Student Coin is a platform that allows users to easily design, create, and manage personal, corporate, NFT, and DeFi tokens.

In addition to the token creation terminal the developers also created a supporting wallet and are working on an exchange where users can swap coins and tokens.

The most groundbreaking idea behind Student Coin is to empower students to issue their own individual tokens that people can buy to invest in their education and thus finance the rising cost of tuition.

From there Student Coin continued to spread globally, with students from the most prominent world universities such as Harvard, London School of Economics, and NYU, quickly reaching over 500 international schools today.

The founder and CEO, Wojciech Podobas, is the author of 2 books: “Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia: the comprehensive guide through the 100 most important cryptocurrencies” and “Advanced Technical Analysis The Complex Technical Analysis of Asset”.

STC is the utility token powering the whole Student Coin ecosystem and the reference currency for all tokens in the network.

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