What we’ve learned from the latest Covid trend data

Brands and retailers need to understand which new Covid behaviours solidified into habits that are likely to persist post Covid,” said Eric Belcher, CEO of Numerator.

As consumers experimented with more meals at home, seafood was also found to be more habit-driving in 2020 than in past years, and beef and frozen meat buyers also saw more repeat purchases during the pandemic.

Google has launched a tool looking at 2020’s most popular lockdown hobby for every day of the year.

Home canning was by far the most popular, peaking 29 times over the year.

Nestlé’s survey found that almost half of respondents said they would continue enjoying their first cup of coffee at home, even when they are no longer working from home.

In fact, over the past year, a new study suggests that many independent coffee brands have seen their sales fly, as 22% of coffee drinkers in the UK increased their intake during the pandemic.

“It’s great to see people paying more attention to independent brands as there are a lot more interesting coffee flavours outside of the supermarket,” said Richard Smith, managing partner at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

This is good news for fine food retailers, who will be able to encourage shoppers to trade up on everything from one-off exploratory purchases to storecupboard staples.

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