Why NFT is trending in the art world

Just last month, the debate ruling the social media channels was who became the first UAE artist to sell an artwork as a NFT? Leaving the debate aside, let’s jump straight into understanding the world of non-fungible-tokens and its future.

As a multimedia and tech artist, I bring words and sounds to life, injecting meaning, visuals and audio and technology into my art in order to tell a story,” says the ex-banker, who recently sold her latest NFT for $10,000.

“For years, I have had to explain to people that art produced digitally is not any way inferior to artisanal traditional art and both should be appreciated in their own way.” Kristel is now accepting payment via cryptocurrencies for online-offline sales, and all the artwork purchased from her studio come with an NFT certificate, which will be optional for clients with crypto wallets.

Sisters Grimm, a creative partnership between ex-Royal Ballet ballerina Pietra Mello-Pittman MBE and Grammy-nominated composer Ella Spira MBE, are geared to drop their first NFT artwork, celebrating the unique diversity and beauty of the seven emirates.

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