Why Travis Green Hasn’t Been Re-Signed

Like most other sports teams in North America, service and business staff had salaries reduced or were outright released.

If something is a bad mesh – think the Sedins blocking shots under Tortorella – who carries the blame? Pretty much the only thing outside the completely objective “eye test” is how the team has done during his tenure.

Bo Horvat was the team’s leading scorer in 2016-17 with 52 points, and the team finished 29th in goals for, 24th in goals against.

In 2018-19, they moved up to 25th in goals for but jumped to 20th in goals against.

Miller meshing perfectly with Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser was a big part of this, as was the brilliant rookie season of Quinn Hughes.

A never-explained season-ending injury to their most skilled player put a bow on the year, even if it took a month to recognize it.

Four years isn’t exceptional for an NHL head coach, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him fired.

But if he does go to free agency once his contract expires in June, it’s likely he won’t last a week.

Leaving him as a “lame duck” coach has to have an effect not only on him but on how he approaches the last week of his current deal.

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