2 Top Pot Stocks to Buy Right Now

Are you looking for some quality pot stocks to add to your portfolio that aren’t incredibly overpriced and could be due to post some strong numbers this year? Two stocks you won’t want to ignore are Cresco LabsĀ .

And despite being a top multistate operator, investors aren’t paying nearly as significant a premium for it as they are for other pot stocks.

Cresco Labs is already cheap right now, but what’s especially promising for investors is that it could soon become an even better buy.

A boost in revenue from its Arizona dispensary is one reason that the quarterly results the company will release on May 27 could look particularly strong.

With strong top and bottom-line numbers and exciting new opportunities in Arizona, Florida, and New York that could propel its numbers even further, Cresco Labs is one of the better pot stocks you can buy right now.

Like Cresco Labs, it too could do well in its upcoming quarter, as this Arizona-based cannabis company recorded its first revenue from the adult-use market in Arizona on Jan.

And although investors may see it as a negative to be reducing operations, it can be a net positive if it makes the business more efficient and helps it produce stronger profits.

And if it can continue to expand on its adjusted EBITDA profit, that will be a great sign that the changes and divestitures it has been making are paying off.

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