Don’t Tell Me This Town Ain’t Got No Heart: Mississippi’s Attorney General Opines on a City’s …

What promises to be the first of a litany of legal interpretations of the new Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act , Attorney General Lynn Fitch released an official attorney general’s opinion on April 15, 2022, regarding the scope of a municipality’s ability to locally regulate medical cannabis establishment operations through zoning or ordinances. Evaluating the text […]

International Cannabis Co. Akanda Acquires Cannabis Cultivator Holigen – mg Magazine

Akanda to Acquire Portugal-based Holigen, Securing a Cannabis Sector Leadership Position in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with EU GMP Market Access International medical cannabis company Akanda Corp. The highly complementary acquisition of Holigen, the owner of a Portugal-based cultivator, manufacturer and distributor, provides Akanda with both the capacity and route-to-market for delivering first-party […]

47-year-old man arrested with suspected cannabis – – The Voice | Newspaper –

He has been under the raider of the operatives for a while and their effort finally paid dividend when they nabbed him and took him into custody. Speaking at the program, Lamin K Jobarteh of the Public Affairs and Drug Demand Reduction Unit of the Agency commended the Regional Scout Association for organizing such an […]

New Cannabis and Hemp Certification Acknowledged by Attorney General Alliance | High Times

Attorney generals from across the U.S. The certification serves as a way to assist both “law enforcement and state regulators” in identifying legal cannabis businesses from illegal operations, and addresses banking issues as well. “It is crucial to know where cannabis and hemp operators are banking to maintain a level of compliance,” said Balderas. A pilot […]

The Rise of a New Market… And a New Consumer – Cannabis Industry Journal

If you’re old enough to remember Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers, you probably also remember Zima and Smirnoff Ice, and more recently “healthy” options like Skinny Girl and Michelob Ultra. i.e., consumers that may not be interested in smoking a joint or vaping, but are comfortable micro-dosing from a can or bottle, as they would […]

Mason Jar Event Group Creates Cannabis Paired Brunches – Travel Noire

Mason Jar Event Group has been in operation, creating unique, high-end, cannabis-centric events in Colorado for over seven years. Kendal  Norris, owner of Mason Jar Event Group, is a master at curating cannabis paired brunch events and gatherings with grand ambiance. Friends and strangers alike join the event, all eager to learn about and consume […]

Thousands of weed jobs are open. This virtual NJ cannabis job fair will help you find one …

Bruce Barcott, a Leafly senior editor and the executive producer of Leafly Reports, calculated there are currently 3,146 full-time jobs supporting $189 million in sales statewide. Applicants will be able to upload their resume, browse exhibitor booths for new opportunities, and live chat with recruiters. During this two-day virtual event, recruiters can chat with prospects […]

Congressional Researchers Highlight Growing Federal-State Marijuana ‘Policy Gap’ In New …

CRS previously detailed the financial problems that have arisen in state markets as a consequence of federal prohibition in a separate report. Analysts again discussed these conflicts in the new report, explaining how cannabis businesses have been largely cut off from the traditional financial sector even though limited guidance is in place for banks and […]

Despite Falling Stock Prices, Cannabis Leaders Are Optimistic – Green Market Report

The company operates retail, cultivation, and product manufacturing across Massachusetts and Maine, including the cannabis-infused seltzer brand Hi5. From our view, no, we feel as optimistic as ever about the growth and future of regulated cannabis and have no concerns about the trajectory of the market. From our view, we are slightly surprised by how […]

41 structures up to 50 feet tall: Greenwich residents get to weigh in on massive project for north end

The development scheme envisions 41 separate structures up to 50 feet tall, for a total of 456 residential units. The current proposal is only conceptual at this point, and residential construction there would require a change in the zoning regulations at the site. Gordon Bunshaft, a modernist architect who created the look for the Lever […]

Here’s Why Curaleaf Is a Better Cannabis Stock Compared to Sundial! | The Motley Fool Canada

The cannabis sector has trailed the broader markets by a wide margin in the last year. Its cannabis investment banking division, called SunStream Bancorp, ploughed in close to $500 million in the first three quarters of 2021 in a bid to reverse Sundial’s fledgling fortunes. While the cannabis market is expanding at a steady pace, […]