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New Cannabis and Hemp Certification Acknowledged by Attorney General Alliance | High Times

Attorney generals from across the U.S.

The certification serves as a way to assist both “law enforcement and state regulators” in identifying legal cannabis businesses from illegal operations, and addresses banking issues as well.

“It is crucial to know where cannabis and hemp operators are banking to maintain a level of compliance,” said Balderas.

A pilot program was completed for the certification in October 2021, which was the culmination of work of ASTM International, an organization that spans more than 900 members, and 28 different country governments.

Most recently, the House passed the SAFE Banking Act in February, and while there has continually been support for banking legislation, full support of congress has not yet occurred.

“The SAFE Banking Act is an immediate solution to get cash off our streets and ensure state-legal, legitimate businesses can operate like any other type of business, particularly small and minority-owned cannabis businesses who have been disproportionately impacted by the lack of banking services,” Perlmutter wrote.

This would be to the detriment of thousands of state-legal businesses, their employees, and the safety of our communities,” he concluded in his letter.

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