Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. Expands in Nation’s Largest Per Capita Cannabis Market

In 2018, Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana, and ACTX recognized this field of opportunity.

ACTX provides dispensaries a variety of packaging products, including a wide range of customizable solutions designed to create powerful brands, plus tubes, glass jars, exit bags, and the Medtainer™ – a patented airtight container that features an integrated grinder.

Rather than taking months to find and purchase or lease space and obtain equipment necessary for cultivation, GrowPods can be up and running in a matter of days – thus providing a rapid ROI.

ACTX also recently partnered with Grassfire Distro, one of Oklahoma’s leading distributors of cannabis products and accessories.

is in the businesses of selling and distributing hydroponic containers called GrowPods; and designing, branding and selling medical grade containers and packaging systems; as well as other products and accessories, such as humidity control inserts, odor-proof bags and lighters; plus private labeling and branding services.

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