Bipartisan cannabis bill on hold over billboard advertising near schools

23, but it has made only a few steps toward passage in the Senate, something that must happen in the final days of session if it’s to be sent to Gov.

“This is something that is strong in my heart from my own teenage years,” bill sponsor Rep.

Under HB 2809, a cannabis purveyor would be allowed to advertise but not sponsor any events of an athletic, musical or cultural nature.

Lamar Outdoor Advertising, a marketing company that owns billboards in Arizona, is listed as opposed to the legislation.

Clear Channel Outdoor, another billboard marketing company, said it was neutral on the legislation.

There currently are no restrictions on outdoor advertising in Arizona but, as the nonprofit mentioned, the state may issue regulations.

It’s illegal to advertise cannabis products in Colorado that are “visible to members of the public from any street, sidewalk, park or other public place,” including billboards.

“Studies show that when youth are exposed to advertising of cannabis, they think of it in a more positive light and are more likely to use it,” said Dr.

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