Bitcoin is the ‘future of digital currencies’

ZACK GUZMAN: Coinbase reporting earnings during what has possibly been, if not ever, the most interesting week for crypto this year, at least– the very least– in 2021, after Elon Musk opened Pandora’s box by highlighting Bitcoin’s sustainability concerns and pulling a 180 on Tesla, accepting the crypto for transactions that obviously didn’t impact Coinbase’s first quarter results, which are mostly pre-reported, as it moved forward with its direct listing earlier in the year.

A very interesting time for Coinbase to be reporting, but here for more on that, I want to welcome back into the show Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki Wealth Investment Management CEO with us again.

But does it feel like you got your two kids turning on each other, when you’re looking at Elon taking on Bitcoin here? Talk to me about your take here, as it looks like the kids are fighting.

ROSS GERBER: Well, I think Elon is wading into an area that’s maybe not the best set of statements to make.

So I think, you know, this whole Dogecoin thing is a big distraction for Tesla and Elon.

Obviously, if I bought a lot of Dogecoin at, like, a half a cent, and now it’s at $0.50, I would probably buy a Tesla immediately with Dogecoin.

But, you know, I think it’s a very dangerous area for Elon to get in when he’s causing people losses, like he did the other day.

And I personally wish he would focus on making EVs because that’s– you know, I’m still waiting for my Tesla Model S Plat.

ZACK GUZMAN: You know, interestingly, as we’ve been talking on the show, there are more boost months now, the extended family here in my own lineage dipping a toe into Teslas here with some purchases.

When we look at some of the other earnings updates we got, though, of course, I have to ask you about Disney since you won our Stock Madness environment with the pitch on Disney.

I mean, anybody who’s focused on Disney Plus, instead of what’s actually happening to Disney, the company, is missing the whole boat.

California is being overly protective of our success, which I’m all for, but it’s time to accept that we’ve been successful with it and open up Disneyland fully.

So if you just do a 10 times multiple of their revenue, it’s 16 billion on the streaming, annualized.

Now imagine what’s going to happen over the next two years, as all this reopens and, really, by summer 2022, all of this hitting full stride.

But Ross Gerber, Gerber Kawasaki Wealth Investment Management CEO, always love having you back on.

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