Bitcoin’s reflecting a new dimension of thinking about cryptocurrency: Rayliant Global Advisors CIO

We saw the sharpest year over year rise in inflation in more than a decade.

And I think some of that fragility we’re seeing in the market is precisely because inflation has now made all good news a potential bad news, right? It was the case before.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: Jason, what are your thoughts, though, on how some investors are treating the cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation? I mean, we just heard Jared talking about Dogecoin being up over 40%.

JASON HSU: Well, I think for the lovers of crypto, for the longest time, the rallying cry is this is one way to hedge against central banks money printing, to hedge against financial repression.

But you’re also seeing Bitcoin really being the lagger here, reflecting now a new dimension of thinking about cryptocurrency, which is that cryptos aren’t all the same.

We’ve seen a lot of rotation out of that tech sector.

And I think given we’re sort of at this transitioning phase where people are betting on the next rotation to be from growth into value and that people are genuinely concerned about the valuation of the tech stocks, right, it used to be, again, bad news for tech stocks or good news, there’s always a spin, right? If you didn’t like the topline, you can look at the bottom line.

And again, you know, with a backdrop of inflation and potential rate hike, which had previously been the positive, you know, winter tale for tech, that may become a headwind.

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So now in the movie, it actually is better than if it would’ve came out pre-pandemic.” “I think one of the things, however, that was important to all of us was to not cast a light saying that all police are bad,” said director Darren Lynn Bousman.

The more they do that, the more economic energy is going to explode into the economy and that is going to drive both economic growth and earnings.”Investors, however, still have to grapple with inflation concerns.

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While it might go against the natural instinct of some legislators and regulators to be open-minded to such innovations, it will best help the public interests they serve if they start the process of engaging with the industry and its real problems in earnest, such as the forward-thinking officials in the State of Wyoming who have engaged since 2017, and who have now brought tens of billions of dollars worth of digital asset businesses into the state’s economy.

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