Cannabis cash steps into digital future

The cost and risk of handling cash have been persistent problems in the cannabis industry.

“The cannabis industry is oftentimes the last to see its business processes streamlined with tech-forward solutions because of compliance and development costs,” says Abaca Chief Strategy Officer Brian Bauer.

Employees drop cash into the counter, then it is deposited in the safe, and finally our smart safe prints a receipt for an accounting log.

Staley is well positioned to bridge the gap between implementation, training and servicing,” says Andrew Faulkner, CEO of Staley Technologies.

Abaca connects cannabis and hemp businesses with bank accounts, lending, electronic payments, and treasury management services through its financial technology-powered cannabis banking platform.

CIMA supplies a broad range of smart safes, back office / front of store recycling systems and software to businesses across banking / financial institutions, retail, hospitality and gaming.

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