Cannabis Delivery Service Mary Daze Celebrates 420 With Top Southern California Brands

PALM DESERT, Calif., April 22, 2021 — The year was 1971 when high school students came up with a numerical code for stoners that has grown into the ultimate high holiday.

Ironically enough, every CEO, investor, and employee of a state-legal marijuana company is ” technically” breaking federal law.

But the irony is that what began as a joke among teenagers has flowered into the ultimate high holiday—Black Friday for cannabis.

Mary Daze, a new Cannabis company, began their venture at the peak of Covid-19 in 2020 and saw the need for not only a new way for consumers to obtain their medicine and a system that would forever change the way of delivery.

Mary Daze Owner McKenzie Santa Maria spent this legendary 4/20 helping and coordinating the launch of Phire Brands at Tropicanna dispensary in Santa Ana, one of Orange county’s largest dispensaries.

California sadly has the highest cannabis taxes, so it’s no surprise that the Golden State tops the list of pot tax revenues.

Access to legal cannabis products has also been expanding dramatically.

Delivery services like Mary Daze will continue to flourish as they accommodate the new norm of cannabis consumption and purchase.

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