Dexter: New Blood Recap: All Things Considered

In last week’s recap, I mentioned how it looks like Harrison is growing up to be “solid and respectable,” albeit with a bit of an inherited dark streak.

Harrison is getting comfortable in his new home of Iron Lake, New York.

After befriending Ethan, the awkward outcast of his high school, and saving him from a beat down from Zach, one of a group of bullies who’ve tormented Ethan for years, Harrison seems to be choosing a different life path from his dad.

A popular podcaster sniffing around town first appeared in episode three under the guise of a “citizen activist” offering to help in the search for Matt Caldwell.

In the case of Harrison’s mom, the Trinity Killer sliced her with a straight razor, which is now Harrison’s weapon of choice in his first dip into the same bloody pool his dad swims in.

We see Harrison alone at school listening to the podcast, and then there’s a jump to later in the day when Dexter receives an alert on his phone that there’s a lockdown at the high school.

Seeing the angle of Harrison’s wound and the tell-tale blood splatter, Dexter knows right away that Harrison is lying and gives him a chance to come clean, but his son defensively doubles down on the lie.

Extra space and breathing room are a benefit of wooded areas, but it’s also a prime location for someone with something to hide.

At this point, it could still be anyone’s game in terms of who is responsible for capturing and killing the young woman formerly known as Hamburger Girl, but this episode is heavily pointing towards Kurt.

Deb seems to think Kurt believes that Johnny Bullhorn killed Matt for hunting a white buck on Seneca land and that he’s trying to create a distraction so that he can find and extinguish Matt’s killer himself.

Kurt offers her a job at the diner instead, so she can make her own money, and then we see him drive her off to a cabin in the woods with a basement entry/exit similar to the one that Hamburger Girl escaped from in episode three.

This guy must take all the vitamins to juggle being a sergeant, a wrestling coach, and a dater of podcast ladies.

Agreeing to take on a role where she’s forced to play an impassioned ghost up against a popular character portrayed by her real-life ex has got to be hard.

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