Draymond Green thinks he is one of the best passers in the NBA

He can do it all, both on offense and defense, and a lot of the things he does that have a positive impact on the Warriors sometimes can’t be seen on a stat sheet.

In a recent interview, Draymond talked about his ability to get his teammates in the right position to score.

Green proclaimed he is definitely one of the best passers in the NBA right now, and the numbers back up his statement.

Even though his proclamation may sound a bit egoistic, Green is actually very humble and is honored to be among the best in the league in assists.

It doesn’t necessarily shock me in saying that and to be up there with all the point guards is incredibly and Joker because he passes better than most point guards and better than pretty much anybody that plays the game of basketball.

It definitely helps to have Steph Curry play in the same way he’s been playing lately, but if you watched the Warriors games, you can’t deny the impact Green has on that team and helping Curry get those free looks.

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