Former Biden aide sees green as renewable energy lobbyist

Christopher Putala, a former Biden staffer on the Senate Judiciary Committee from 1989 to 1998, more than doubled his client list and lobbying revenue under the new president.

Putala reported bringing in a total of $300,000 from six renewable energy firms, Apex Clean Energy, Clearway Energy Group, Invenergy LLC, Pattern Energy Group, IP Renewable Energy Holdings and Longroad Energy Management, which is lobbying for the first time.

a leader in renewable energy technology, is a lucrative opportunity for clean energy firms. The proposal would extend tax credits for wind and solar projects and establish new tax incentives for energy storage and electric transmission.

Putala reported lobbying the White House on the specifics of clean energy tax credits.

Biden hasn’t budged on their request.

Most of Putala’s new clients under Biden are in the renewable energy field, but he also received $60,000 from TransCanada Corp, the firm building the Keystone XL pipeline.

TransCanada Corp is a subsidiary of TC Energy, which hired another Biden-linked lobbyist in January.

As deep-pocketed corporations flock to lobbyists with ties to the new administration, lobbyists who sold their connections to President Donald Trump are losing clients.

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