Jaleel White Wants to Sell You ‘Purple Urkle’

Cuomo, included significant provisions to address issues of racial equity, such as clearing criminal records of past convictions for marijuana-related offenses and earmarking 40 cents of every dollar in tax revenue from cannabis sales for the communities that have been hardest hit by the consequences of drug enforcement.

One conversation about equity is the ownership of dispensaries and who stands to profit from the slate of new laws.

Jaleel White, best known for playing the popular character Steve Urkel in the 1990s sitcom “Family Matters,” is among those leading the charge.

I recently spoke with Mr. White about his new cannabis line, how he got into the cannabis business, the difficulties he has faced and how the cannabis business looks like now compared with just a few years ago.

So why not me? I just needed an opportunity to bring truly noteworthy products that represented me and my standards for quality to market, and now we’re here.

When I can see a vision in my head so clearly, it’s frustrating sharing that with individuals who just tell you what you want to hear, knowing full well they won’t be able to make it a reality.

Combining the organic relationship I have with purple cannabis in conjunction with a highly skilled cultivation team put us in the position to put out perhaps the best purple cannabis on shelves anywhere.

Once that happens, we can begin to explore and have access to real scientific studies from verified medical researchers that show us exactly how cannabis can help people who suffer from an entire range of health issues.

We’d like to see the true pioneers of this industry — the folks who were in it when it wasn’t as popular — have access to compete within the space they helped create, as well as some of our brothers who have been locked up for engaging in what has now become legal behavior.

Our end goal is to build a brand that withstands market shifts, stays relevant and consistently delivers the highest quality product.

We will continue to provide that fire purple to all those who seek a truly unique cannabis experience.

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