Lazy Turtle Group’s Rick Fitzgerald on Cannabis Going Mainstream

Rick Fitzgerald is co-founder and chief creative officer of Lazy Turtle Group, a creative agency specializing in packaging and brand identity for a number of markets including the cannabis and hemp space.

We concentrate on brand development and packaging design for the cannabis, hemp and psychedelic space with a sprinkling of cosmetics, fashion and music.

I immersed myself in the movement and learned the history from the folks who lived it, from the wellness community to the ones affected by the war on drugs and social injustices.

I support and have worked with both social equity and expungement organizations and programs in L.A.

I’ve had a number of significant injuries over the course of my life and have been prescribed a variety of pain and inflammation killers.

When we moved to L.A., one of the first things I did was get my medical cannabis card and started learning more about the plant.

The stigma is real, but I feel the constantly changing cannabis regulations are the biggest hurdle faced by marketers and creatives in this ever-growing space.

So many more folks are acknowledging cannabis now, which is huge and will open up more avenues for partnerships and marketing outlets.

He’s on the front lines constantly advocating for justice, and he’s simply a down-to-earth, wonderful human being and friend.

A way to build a community of cannabis travelers and get the word out about a new segment in this space.

Jamie Pearson, the CEO, grew up in the community and is immersed in the culture, so she knows what it takes to succeed.

She owns and operates multiple businesses and organizations but also lends herself to so many more in the cannabis and psychedelic communities.

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