More American Investors Get Comfortable with Cannabis

However, most experts agree that for Americans to become truly comfortable with diversifying their financial portfolios by investing in the cannabis industry, cannabis use must first become legal at the federal level.

However, just when this will happen remains anybody’s guess, as legislative bodies remain heavily divided.

Despite the federal legalization stalemate, there is movement in the industry that appears to be fast-tracking cannabis in creating investment opportunities for those looking to diversify.

While the industry is seeing a change in the federal law as a catalyst for making investing in cannabis more appealing, GOBankingRates found that 1 in 5 Americans said they would only consider investing in cannabis stocks if their financial advisor recommended it, and 16% said they might start investing if more cannabis companies went public.

Today, all indicators point to the fact that while some investors are ready to give serious consideration to cannabis stocks, others remain skeptical.

If you are a retail agent or a broker with clients in the cannabis, hemp or nutraceutical industry, it’s important to work with a wholesaler that is an expert in this space.

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