Onsite breweries, cannabis drinks and Housing First: Finland in the world press

Current legislation prohibits the company from selling the product online or in stores as the production, use, possession and sale of cannabis is illegal in Finland.

Finland’s Housing First policy, which was first adopted by the country in 2008, has decreased homelessness by 40 per cent.

In other news, Finland has launched a website to help residents reduce their carbon footprint of living.

It provides information and advice on how to contribute to the global fight against climate change.

The country had 20,000 homeless people in the 1980s.

The company, which is calling for the legislation to be amended, resorted to creative means to advertise the product after it was prevented from doing so on social media.

The report uses Gallup polls where people rate the quality of their lives on a scale of one to ten.

Readers are mainly ex-pats, diplomats, international businesses, tourists, and other groups and individuals interested in Finland from all around the world.

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