Smoke out the best cannabis candles and marijuana-inspired home fragrances

Cannabis was once something you might hide the smell of with perfume, but now a number of home fragrance and perfume brands are challenging the norm and celebrating the scent of marijuana with their latest creations.

Loewe’s subtle, fresh take on marijuana is one of 11 plant-inspired scents in the brand’s home fragrance collection.

Each bottle of Heretic Parfum’s Dirty Grass is filled with 500mg of hemp-derived CBD oil, making for a particularly potent cannabis flavour.

Dirty Grass will make you feel good and not only because it’s infused with CBD.

It is both sickly sweet and deeply earthy; think cannabis if it was turned into a syrup or whipped up into candyfloss.

A heady mixture of cannabis accord, bergamot, cedarwood, and patchouli, the scent is more smoky than earthy and makes your space smell more like a luxury hotel room than a college dorm.

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