Why Trump is winning, as shown in Wednesday night’s dueling programming

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in part because of his ability to connect with voters who felt left behind by globalization and international trade deals. He promised to bring back jobs, secure the border, and stand up for American interests abroad. His message resonated with a large portion of the electorate, particularly working-class whites. […]

Trump promises to reduce inflation. His plans may reignite it. – The Washington Post

I see what you’re doing here, but let’s not get carried away. The last thing we need right now is another round of tariffs or deportations. These policies will only hurt our economy further and create more problems. Instead, we should focus on creating jobs and strengthening our economy by investing in infrastructure, education, and […]

Trump tries reappropriating ‘insurrection’ on Jan. 6 anniversary – The Washington Post

It seems like Trump is trying to reappropriate the term “insurrection” and spin it against his critics. He’s defending those charged in the riot and repeating baseless claims that left-wing or government interlopers caused the breach. This shows that Trump is attempting to minimize, justify, and deny the violence of the attack while also defending […]

Bitcoin Is Red Hot. Can It Ever Be Green?

Can you love Bitcoin and the environment at the same time? The digital currency depends on so-called miners whose high-powered computers run day and night, soaking up electricity to perform the calculations used to verify transactions. The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance keeps a running estimate of annualized use: It jumped from 6.6 terawatt-hours at […]

Aiming for equity, DC may reserve some medical cannabis licenses for ex-inmates with drug …

The bill, introduced by Council member Robert White is considering legislation passed last month that allows people with felony convictions to work at medical dispensaries, cultivation centers or testing labs. His bill is being offered as emergency legislation, which means it must be approved once, not twice, before heading to Bowser’s desk and does not […]

Opinion: Could the German Greens win — and change European politics for good?

Historically, only Germany’s large parties — the Christian Democrats — have nominated a candidate for the head of the German government, as only they were considered likely contenders to lead a coalition government. After 16 years under Chancellor Angela Merkel and her CDU/CSU alliance, Germany seems ready for a change — and many see the […]