You deserve energy for the day

A range of cannabis options are available at stores like Canna Provisions in Lee.

But more important, 57 percent of Americans surveyed say they have no sleep problems, yet still feel lethargic 2.4 days a week.

Pulling into the dispensary, CANNA CURIOUS is greeted by a friendly parking lot guide.

In that brief moment of an ID check, CANNA CURIOUS begins to hear the steady thump of music emanating from within the dispensary and the tell-tale flowery scent touches her nose.

Once handed back her ID, CANNA CURIOUS steps inside and the music grows a little louder, and the slight smell of lemon and cannabis grows a little stronger, the scent of cleaner a reminder of how everything has to be kept spotless these days.

CANNA CURIOUS is snapped out of her 1980s reverie by the welcoming voice of a budtender.

Last time, CANNA CURIOUS was helped by a baby boomer budtender; this time, it’s a younger woman, who reminds CANNA CURIOUS of a younger version of herself, but much luckier, having grown up in the age of cannabis legalization.

Products like 1906 Drops, which have a fast, 20-minute onset time, and the “Go” line, which combines a blend of cannabis, caffeine and three plant-based ingredients to promote energy.

Additionally, since CANNA CURIOUS previously worked with a guide learning about extract-based or whole-plant infusion tinctures for sleep, CANNA CURIOUS figures now is a good time to give the sativa-infused versions a try.

CANNA CURIOUS now has one of each in their shopping basket for energy, but decided to give the sativa-tincture a try on the next visit.

Marijuana use during pregnancy and breast-feeding may pose potential harms. It is against the law to drive or operate machinery when under the influence of this product.

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