Missouri chefs get creative with cannabis-infused food

The options are growing for Missouri’s nearly 100,000 medical marijuana card holders who prefer to take in cannabis by eating rather than smoking.

As other companies ramp up production, a team led by Dave Owens, director of culinary at Proper Brands, is one of the few producers of cannabis-infused chocolate bars in the state, St.

Down the hall from the kitchen there’s a vault filled with racks of chocolate bars waiting to be sent out to dispensaries across the state, including Proper Cannabis in the St.

Cannabis catering company Rooted Buds has taken off since hosting its first event at the lounge last year.

But they only cook with THC for their patients and private parties where members have their medical cards.

They’ve infused salt to season the jackfruit, oil to fry the tortillas and a pico de gallo-type sauce on the side.

“The way we infuse, it’s a low, slow process,” Dugger said.

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