Access to medicinal cannabis treatments in Europe

One recent study, which collected and assessed patient data over a period of three years, found that cannabis was the most successful treatment available for pain, spasticity, and anorexia.

It is also very important that this treatment is decided by a practitioner who knows the patient and their history – cannabis-based medicines should be distributed by a qualified pharmacist; everything should be in a medical setting – but there is also a need for financial reimbursement.

Cannabis has so many specifications which are so beneficial for people.

It is human nature that, once someone has a degree of knowledge and understanding of the pain patients are going through, they will be more active in searching for ways to help.

They fight for it; and that is mirrored in their healthcare regulations and their regulatory activities, not only in terms of making cannabis available to patients, but also in the provisions they make for entrepreneurs and producers.

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