Spanish Government to Examine Benefits of Legalising Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly liberalised across Europe, especially in high-income western countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland.

Outdated laws around access to medical cannabis are still preventing patients from obtaining legal medical products other than a limited set of pharmaceutical cannabinoid products such as Sativex and Epydiolex.

As such, the creation of the subcommittee represents an important first step in the liberalisation of medical cannabis by the Spanish government.

Amongst these are some international players, for example Linneo Health, which has exported to Germany in the past; Canifa, owned by Canopy Growth; and Medalchemy, a subsidiary of EMMAC, which was acquired by US giant Curaleaf for €235 million in March of this year.

The legality of personal cultivation and consumption of cannabis has led to the rise of cannabis social clubs in Spain, especially in the province of Catalonia.

According to the latest statistics, the prevalence of cannabis use in Spain sits at around 10% of the adult population, or just under 4 million adult users each year, many of whom are likely using it for medical purposes.

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Cannabis remains illegal in most countries so please reference your local laws in relation to medical or recreational use.

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